Afrika Youth

The Ghana Chapter of the Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) has being launched in Accra.

AYM is a Pan-African, action-oriented, youth-led movement that strives for the participation, development and leadership of African youth to transform Africa and achieve their rights to peace, equality and social justice.

AYM envisages the transformation of the African Continent by African youth to achieve their rights to peace, equality and social justice.

Its mission is to connect young change-makers around the vision of Pan-Africanism, empower them to participate and mobilize them to lead the change needed for Africa.

Mr Joseph Anyinka, AYM Empowerment Coordinator, at the launch said “We are creating a continent that respects the rights of all its citizens.

“Through our work we promote the values that binds our continent; ubuntu, unity, self-determination, integrity and accountability. Afrika Youth Moment is a community of committed young Africans,” he stated.

“We incorporate inclusiveness and integrity into our organizational culture and provide a consistent support system for our members,” he said.

Mr Ayinka said the two main opportunities for realizing an action-oriented movement in Africa was to increase connectivity between constituents, and organise effectively to deliver results.

He said AYM seeks to connect young Africans around the vision of Pan-Africanism and collective action and empower young Africans with the knowledge, self-confidence, capability and commitment to make change happen.

He urged African youth to avail themselves for leadership portfolios to enable them participate actively in the continent’s socioeconomic development.

“Afrika Youth Movement Hub Ghana launch reiterates the ambitions and the wider scope of youth involvement and inclusiveness the movement seeks,” Mr Anyinka said.

“We will support grassroots network of young leaders, advocates and community organizers working for political and social change to realize the impacts they strive through mobilization at the regional level and within the diaspora,” he added.

Ms Linda Nyaamah Anaabah, AYM Health Coordinator, said the organisation existed to build a strong platform for African youth to strengthen their voice, share ideas and conversations that matter to them.

Mr Clifford Benjamin Oppong, AYM Ghana Media Team Member and Mashuja Magazine Editor, urged the youth in Africa to get involved in the decision-making process of the continent.

The AYM Ghana Chapter was attended by over 10 African-Americans from the United States.

Mr Phil Lord, a member of the African-American delegation, urged African youth to arise and champion the continent’s socioeconomic development.

Following Tunisia’s revolution, Aya Chebbi, an award-winning Pan-African activist crossed over 20 African countries to widely speak in conferences and rallies about the 21st century youth-led revolutions that started in her country, Tunisia.

The Movement has grown from 500 to over 5,000 members today from 40 countries across Africa and the diaspora.

Source: GNA/