quality awards
quality awards

The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG), organisers of the Ghana Business Quality & Pride Awards, has announced that nominations for the third edition of the awards held to recognize excellent products and business operations, are open.

A statement issued in Accra by the EFG said the nominations opened from September 9 and would end on October 30 with the award gala dinner scheduled for November 9.


It said this year’s award is being held under the theme: “Promoting International Quality Business through Strategic Partnership for Economic Growth” adding that the awards was being organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Business Development, with endorsement from Ghana Standard Authority.

The statement said the Ghana Business Quality and Pride Awards 2019 third edition would recognise Regional Business & Corporate Icons as the business pride of their native regions, marketing and advertising.

It will also recognise the promotion of International Premium Quality products and services in Ghana as the business pride representing their various countries brands that has met the standards of quality, deserving praise and commendation from consumers and the public.

The Awards, the statement said, would be offered in seven categories including Regional Business and Corporate Icons of the Year representing each region of Ghana; International Business Pride Awards representing premium quality global brands in Ghana.

It said the others would be International Premium Quality Products and Services Awards representing premium quality local and imported products and services in Ghana; Best Quality Products & Services Awards; Quality Leadership Awards and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

It said the Regional Business and Corporate Icon of the Year assessment criteria would be based on three parameters thus: “A Ghanaian /non-Ghanaian business executive who is a native of a region or a country.

The statement said the fellow must have contributed to the socio-economic and business development, built enterprises that have had significant impact on the economy as well as the wider society of Ghana.

It said the icon must have an exceptional leadership skills, innovative strategies and focus on long-term growth, which has helped make his or her vision for his or her company a reality.
The statement said the International Premium Quality Services of the Year Award assessment criteria would be based on three parameters- a registered Ghanaian or Multinational business in Ghana that has demonstrated overall Premium Service Quality, Service Competitiveness and Service Innovation.

It said the Premium Quality Services of the Year award assessment criteria would be based on three parameters- a registered business in Ghana that has demonstrated an overall premium service quality, Service Competitiveness and Service Innovation.

The statement said the Premium Quality Products of the Year award assessment criteria, however, would be based four parameters that demonstrate overall premium product superior quality, product labeling/packaging, product competitiveness and product standard certification (ISO 9001:2008 certification).


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