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Slashing the bonuses of the Black Stars is the best decision of the year

Black Star
Black Star

The Honourable Mahama Ayariga led Ministry of Youth and Sport has recently announced the new bonuses and budget for the black star players for the upcoming AfCON 2015. There has a very significant reduction in the bonuses to be paid the Black Star player compared to bonuses paid in previous tournaments. I believe, this bold decision will go down as the best decision of 2014 despite the controversies which it is generating.? It is widely believed that some football administrators have milking dry the state of its scare resources under the disguise of bonuses or motivation for black start players.? This practice of paying unreasonably high bonuses to our Black Star players has been blamed severally for the unprecedented levels of corruption and indiscipline in our football.

Ghana with all our footballing infrastructural deficits and other related challenges has been one of the highest bonus paying national teams in the world. During the World Cup qualifiers when Ghana paid $15,000 to each black star player, England paid $6,800, USA paid $ 7,000, Holland paid $ 4,100, Brazil paid $ 7,000, Argentina paid $ 9,000, Ivory Coast paid $8,500, Nigeria paid $5,500.00 and Mexico $ 7,800.? I am yet to find any national team which qualified to the world that paid higher bonuses than Ghana. The question is why do we have paying so much bonuses to our players?

There are several allegations that selection of players to the Black Stars fold for some players is based on one?s willingness to share their bonuses with team officials. This was believed to be a principal reason for the wrestling match which was witnessed in the camp of the Black Stars in Brazil during the world cup. As reported players alleged that the officials were feeding fat on the sweat of the players without commensurate contribution to their welfare. Was it any wonder that both the officials and players all collected their monies and spent the whole night and morning counting and packing their dollars before our last match with Portugal which we lost miserably?

The bottom-line is that bonuses been paid to our Black Star players and officials are just too high and this is depriving the country of vital financial resources needed to undertake other critical sport development projects in the country. Most of the grassless pitches on which many of the current crop Black Star players trained on whilst developing have become so deplorable that football can no longer be played on them. If this is so then where can our next crop of Black Star Player train and develop? or are the football administrators hopping to assemble Ghanaian players developed else to come and play for our national teams. Imagine how many community parks can be refurbished and grassed with $100,000 which how much is player received for appearing at the world.

To conclude, the current GFA officials and the management members of the national have seriously compromised themselves that it is impossible for the football loving populace to depend on any do anything substantial to improve football in Ghana. It is for this reason that I urge all and sundry to support the ministry and the minister to work within the relevant FIFA?s regulations to sanitize our football. The first step is what I believe has been done which slashing the bonuses paid to our players and channeling the rest of the resources in sporting infrastructural development across the country.


By Robert Obenyah

Email: [email protected]


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