Atuabo Gas Processing Plant
Atuabo Gas Processing Plant

According to him, “By the end of this year, we would have procured the second compressor and that will enable us to work without stopping work every 4,000 hours operation of the plant. It will take nine months to install the processor if it is procured. The drawings have been finalised and we’ve even started with the procurement,” he said.

Atuabo Gas Processing Plant
Atuabo Gas Processing Plant

Dr Sipa Yankey was speaking to journalists when he revealed that everything is set to procure an additional compressor to serve as a backup which will ensure constant supply of gas in the country.

Currently, the processing plant which was set up in 2014, operates on one compressor; a situation that results in a shutdown of the plant whenever it is time for mandatory maintenance work. This has become a major challenge to authorities of Ghana Gas Company.

The processing plant was shut down on January 15 by Ghana Gas Company to allow for maintenance work to commence having been in operation for more than 8,000 hours since last year which was to last 14 days.

It however took five days to fix.



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