For decades, centuries even, there is always mention of rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria. Talk of the entertainment industry, achievements on the African and International stage, who prepares the best jollof and even the economy of both countries.

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If you thought there is a rivalry between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians, you thought wrong, claims Highlife artiste, Bisa Kdei, in an interview with TrueAfrica.

He believes however that there is a lot of internal disrespect against Ghanaian musicians.

“Honestly, there is no rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria in terms of music. I think if there is any sort of rivalry, then it is the regular internal disrespect we get as Ghanaian musicians.When a foreign musician comes to the country, the kind of treatment we offer them far exceeds what we get as Ghanaian (local) musicians. However, if we go to those foreign countries, they treat their artists better than us,” He says.

“I’m not saying it’s not good to treat foreign musicians well but my point is, people shouldn’t undermine their own when they see a foreign brand. So there is no form of rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria. We are more like a family when it comes to music. We go there to perform, record and hang out. They come here and do the same thing. It is within ourselves that the rivalry lies.”

And like many African acts, he wants to “win the Grammys with authentic highlife music.”

Kdei launched his album Breakthrough early this year. He won five awards over the weekend at the Music Of Ghanaian Origin (MOGO) Awards.

He is also up for a number of awards at the upcoming 2016 Ghana Music Awards.



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