The leadership of the Ghana Amputee Football Association has visited the victims of the Agbobloshie clash at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital.

Ghana Amputee Football Association
Ghana Amputee Football Association

According to Rev Richard Nii Amartey Adesah, President of the Association, they took advantage of the Easter festivities to visit and encourage the sick at the hospital, especially those who got injured in the violence at the Agbobloshie market recently.

“We the leadership of the Ghana Amputee Association are here to visit and wish you a speedy recovery. We also send messages of condolence to families, who lost loved ones through the incident” he told the victims.

“This incident is unfortunate, sad and in fact unnecessary. We must understand that we are one people and have only one country and so we must learn to live together,” he said.

He also urged them to avoid violence because it leads to deformities and in worse cases, death, adding that, such conflicts should not be encouraged,

“As the leader of persons with disabilities, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with people from other countries and these are some of the things that resulted in their state”.

“We don’t even have money to take care of the few we have and so we should not create situations that will breed more”.

“Ghana needs stability in our democratic process, job for our people, increased economy and many other important things, which we should be working at and not fighting each other. Let us allow love to reign in the country,” he emphasized.