Kumasi airport
Kumasi airport

Domestic Airline operators have?expressed their displeasure about the?unannounced closure of the Kumasi?Airport by the Ghana Airport Company?which is negatively affecting their?operations.

Kumasi airport
Kumasi airport

According to the airline operators,?the Ghana Airport Company limited?showed them utter disrespect by closing?the airport without appropriately?notifying them.

The company began the upgrade?of the Kumasi Airport tarmac and?other facilities without any official?announcement on Friday, October 17,?2014.

The situation, according to the?domestic airline operators, has led to?huge losses.

In a statement, James Eric?Antwi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?of Starbow, said that ?we, the domestic?airline operators, will like to register?our utter displeasure at the unannounced?morning closure of the?Kumasi airport, which started on Friday?17th October, 2014 up to date.?

?As stakeholders, we deserve?some respect and notification.?

?Since we were not informed?about the closure, we were unable to?inform our passengers.

This has?caused a lot of inconvenience to our?passengers, especially those who were?connecting flights from Accra, Ghana,?

Mr. Antwi said.?He said, ?We appeal and apologize?to our esteemed passengers for the?unfortunate situation which is not our?making but due to the negligence of?Ghana Airport Company limited.?

By Cephas Larbi
[email protected]


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