Sammie Holmes is the latest introduction to the GH hip hop community as the artiste debuts his first single ‘Legendary’ ft Pigen music artiste Yaa Pono & L. J but recorded by Kilos.

Sammie Holmes who realized he could rap at the early days of his life while he was working with some artistes as a manager disclosed that, his kind of Hip hop music has soul and Pop flavors in it hence he is coming with a different style of hip hop music in Ghana.

This he said: ‘together with my team we promised ourselves to make a huge impact in the music world not only in Ghana, even though it looks like Hip hop in Ghana is now gaining roots, we owe the world if we don’t do our part to make it stay’.

‘My first hit single is with Pigen music, free stylist rapper Yaa pono, L.J a super 16 years old singer and it was recorded by Kilos, a new beat maker with a different mentality inside dzorwulo called “Legendary” and the latter because I believe by the special mercies of God, I will become a legend in Hip Hop right here in GH on day’.

‘Working with Kilo the beat maker is great, he understands the kind of music I want to do, he knows the flavor of beat to give me and he has time to work on every products hence most of my songs to come out was recorded by him’, Sammie Holmes noted.

The hip hop artiste maintained: ‘apart from the legendary song, I have one for radio, (by the way the legendary is for online users only, free for download) and it features pop singer SYN who recently launched his ‘Kusi’ album plus a couple of great songs that will soon be released, so the Hip hop should watch out for me’.

Hip hop is a culture, is a life style that talks about the identity of people, giving the world the uniqueness of their identity and that is what Sammie Holmes music represents.

The hip hop community just got better as its welcomes Sammie Holmes; you can call him the pop, hip hop artiste as he fuses the two genres, just like how people fuse RNB and hip hop.

In his freestyle and last words, Sammie Holmes on the mic: ‘hello world, welcome to ma show, my name is Sammie Holmes, put your swaggers on, mirror on the wall who is the best of them all, they try to pull me down but I never go fall, and I talk a lot of secrets you can call it dreams, thanks Ghana, get the song by download here.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.18newspaper.com


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