A? sod has been cut to commerce work on the construction of storm water Drainage improvement at Tepa, the District Capital of Ahafo-Ano North at the cost of GH?1,398,464.00.

The project which is being executed by two construction companies i.e. Messr Iodenglo and Mubagla co. limited is scheduled to be completed in six months time.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hon. Adusei Akwasi, Member of Parliament for Ahafo-Ano North, disclosed that the drain storm which is just opposite the district Assembly started developing in 1996 and has been there till now that one can?t even stretch the head to see the drain until the central government came in to construct it for them.

According to him the people of Ahafo Ano North did not make mistake by voting for him to represent them in parliament and pledged to do all what he can to bring whatever development his hand would lay on to the area.

He announced that, at the moment electricity in being extended to some communities in the area who do not have.

He promised to put political party affiliation aside and present whatever he is told to parliament for consideration.

Hon. Adusei appealed to the contructors coming to handle the project to consider engaging the local people to also earn some living.

The district Chief Executive, Hon. David Addai Amankwah thanked the NDC?s BETTER GHANA Agenda for coming to construct the project for the people of Tepa.

He said Tepa is one of the oldest district capitals in Ghana but was surprised they are still lacking behind in terms of development and urged all citizens of the area to put hands on deck to bring development to Tepa and other towns.

?Let us do away with polities and develop Tepa to reach Municipal status? he appealed. Tepa manhene also appealed to whoever is responsible for the project to pay the contractors to complete the project on time.

He also appealed to the contractor to do a very good job for Tepa man.


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