Kwabena Yeboah
Kwabena Yeboah

The Israeli coach departed the shores of Ghana three months ago and has never returned. The Israeli has thus missed the commencement of the Ghana Premier league where he has been tasked to monitor and groom potential players into the national side.

Kwabena Yeboah
Kwabena Yeboah

The Ghana Football Association sent Grant a letter to return to post but Kwabena Yeboah believes the FA should be more firm in their approach.

“Several months ago I put it in the public domain how Avram Gram wanted to leave the country and how the FA President himself didn’t want him to leave, but he flouted the instructions and left,” he told Joy Sports.

“I get very surprised and I am still wondering if the FA would treat him this way if Avram Grant was one of our own.”

“If the man cannot handle the national team or feels too big to handle the team, I believe it is time the FA has to be blunt and look him in the eye and tell him to get off and employ whoever is interested in the National team.”

“But in blunt terms I think the FA is very soft on Avram Grant, he is not supposed to be staying outside all his time and when we have a match he conducts himself for the match.”
The Black stars play in a double header against Mozambique in three weeks.

Source: Ghana/Joy Sports/Joseph Adamafio


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