?Squanders Cash For $33,000 Book Publishers

wpid-prof-nana-agyemang.jpgInformation available to this paper points to a looming war between the Ghana Book Publishers Association and the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETfund) over the latter?s inability to pay the US$32,437,264.82 owed the association as directed by the government of Ghana.

The amount to be paid is 90.7% payment for the supply and delivery of the Atlases.

According to the information, the GETfund which was ordered by the Ministry of Education to effect the payment for the supply of Social Studies Atlases to various Basic Schools across the country is dragging its feet.

In a letter in our disposal which was dated June 28, 2013, and signed by Mr. Enoch H. Cobbinah, Chief Director of the Ministry, GETfund is to pay the Cedi equivalent of the said amount to the companies involved in the supply of the Atlases.

Meanwhile, the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) which has also conducted investigations into some alleged fraudulent activities with the provision of the Atlases, cleared the Association and gave clearance to the ministry of education to pay the suppliers.

However, information gathered from sources close to GETfund is that although the said amount had been released for payment, GETfund is alleged to have used the monies for different thing, making it very difficult for it to organize another fund to pay the association.

This is against the order by the Education Ministry that the claim be charged to the Textbooks balance of GH?64,874,529.63 in the GETfund Financing Programme from 2009 to 2013.

The ministry has also confirmed that the Atlases were truly supplied and distributed to the various beneficiaries per SRAs, Way bills and Verifications undertaken by GES documentations.

The letter from the ministry also indicated that, five publishing companies, including the Approacher?s Ghana Limited, Winmat Publishers Limited, Adwinsa Publications Ghana Limited, Sedco Publishing Limited and EPP Books Service are to receive the total amount as per the details of their supplies.

Although the Association had petitioned the ministry threatening to go to court to seek redress, GETfund seemed to remain unshaken by this position.

In the petition sent to the ministry of education, the association indicated that the court action has become necessary since all avenues employed to ensure their monies are paid proved futile.

The association also noted that their businesses are in danger as result of the inability of government to pay them, hence their decision to take legal action to retrieve the payment.


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