salsa Close Up Salsa Fiesta is back!

Close Up returns with season 3 of the electrifying Close up Salsa fiesta. Just as Close up promises 3x fresher breath, Season 3 of the salsa fiesta is poised to bring you 3x the fun and 3x the thrill. This year, participation is open to people who can already dance salsa and salsa lovers who want to learn.

In 2013, Close up wants to fully celebrate the growth of Salsa dancing in Ghana and to offer those who have learnt salsa over the years, the opportunity to aspire to the advanced level of salsa dancing. Therefore, whilst still offering free salsa lessons to beginners, advanced dancers can also join the fun

Salsa is known to bring people together by the very nature of the closeness of the partners involved in the dance and this requires a lot of confidence. Close-Up Deep Action offers consumers 3x fresher breath and 3 x more confidence, to not only salsa, but to get closer to family, friends and loved ones!

So if you already know how to salsa, this is your opportunity to show what you?ve got by auditioning with a partner in the couples session. The grand finale promises GHc6000 grand prize for the winners. All you have to do is buy 3 tubes of Closeup Large and join the audition train as it stops at the following venues:

Takoradi, on 1ST February 2013 at the Akroma Plaza

Kumasi, on 2nd February 2013 at the Royal Lamerta Hotel

 Accra, on the 9th  February at the Aviation Social Centre.

For those who want to learn how to salsa,  buy 3 tubes of Closeup Large from any of the participating supermarkets and win 8weeks of Free Salsa lessons, plus an opportunity to enter the competition with a partner in the couples session or as a group.  Winners take home Ghc4000.00 at the grand finale

The participating sales outlets in Accra and Tema are:Dominion, Shoprite & Game Discount World, Baatsona Total, Melcom Plus, Marina Supermarkets, Max Mart, Evergreen Supermarket, TemaShop & Save and Community 11 Shell.

In Takoradi, buy from All Needs, Prestige,Lucky Bazaar 

In Kumasi, buy from Opoku Trading,  Ababio Express, A-Life Supermarket, Continental Supermarket, Silver Crest Supermarket

Participating salsa dance clubs in Accra and Tema are:

 Afrikiko, Aviation Social Centre, Pentagon, Fridays, T-Havana.

The clubs in Takoradi are: Vienna City and North Sea Restaurant

Kumasi: B2D (Breakfast 2 Dinner) and KNUST Sports Gym.

Catch the thrills and excitement on season 3 of the Close up salsa fiesta on GH-One Entertainment TV, TV3 and GTV.

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