Likewise other applications, MS SQL Server also contains header of the file and booting page. When header pages approaches to 8 KB with lots of metadata information, boot page of SQL file itself contains all the crucial information regarding header pages. When boot page and header page get corrupted due to un-mounting of data to the SQL Server, such corruption might be result of heavy size of header pages or boot pages.

Corruption due to header corruption or boot page might make your SQL Server database inaccessible; such consequences can be handled with outstanding SQL server database recovery software having Free MDF Viewer because with this facility users can be sure that software is able to handle all the corruption issues or not.

The ideal way to get back original SQL data is using valid SQL data backup. If it is not available then, use usage of intelligent outside solution to fix MDF file is best practice.

Practical case where you can encounter an error message when you try to access SQL Server database:

“Msg 5172, Level 17, State 16, Line 2

The header for file ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\MSSQL\DATA\FileHeaderTest.mdf’ is not a valid database file header. The Page Audit property is incorrect.”


You can also see error 913.

Both of these error messages are occurred due to degeneracy of file header page and boot page corruption after that database records became inaccessible.

Root Cause of The Problem: Reasons of boot page or file header corruption comes across due to wrong system shutdown, software or hardware application malfunction, bad sectors in hard disk, network issues etc. Such problems cannot be handled with DBCC CHECKDB command, it is better to adopt some extra-ordinary application with free MDF viewer to recover corrupt MDF file accurately.

Open MS SQL Database after Error Resolution: How to Repair SQL Database, this query roams in mind of various users when they stuck in such corruption scenarios, to truncate such issues users must select an outside solution by following some free MDF viewer of different external applications. As free facilities help to resolve the query how to repair MDF file efficiently along with testing of data integrity after completing process to recover database from corrupted SQL Server. SQL Recovery software is one finest utility packed with free MDF viewer that is engaged to recover corrupt MDF file within short span of time without wastage of valuable efforts.

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