Mausoleum is an important part of life that everyone needs to consider at some point of time. Death is a painful fact and so is funeral and funeral planning. However across different religions and cultures funeral is considered as holy as birth and therefore the rituals of after death are performed so essentially. One of the major parts of funeral planning is deciding upon the mausoleum or building a mausoleum. Mausoleums are building that serve as the burial home for deceased. Mausoleums are of two types – community mausoleum and family mausoleum. While community mausoleums are built for public or an entire community, family mausoleums serve only for the deceased member of the family. Such mausoleums stand as epitomes of memories of the past for the future generations.Mausoleum varies in design, architecture and sizes. While few people build marble mausoleum, few others prefer building granite mausoleum. Marble or granite mausoleums serve as a private place for families to mourn or remember the past ones. It is special and therefore many spend good amount to create a great mausoleum. Mausoleum prices vary as per marble mausoleums or granite mausoleums and so on. Mausoleums are often built in private grounds as most of the families prefer to manage private or personal mausoleum granite for the burial of just family members. Walls of the mausoleum granite are used as memorial to display plaques or pictures. There are different types of mausoleum architecture and two of the most popular types of mausoleums are vestibule mausoleums and sarcophagus mausoleums. Vestibule mausoleums are building with one or more crypts around it. On the other hand sarcophagus mausoleums are built as vault over ground that can hold up to three burials. Both the types of mausoleums can be built with granite, marble, white marble or cremate. Marble and granite mausoleums are the best and most popular types of mausoleums and it remains always a debate whether marble mausoleum is better or granite mausoleum. Granite mausoleums are very popular as it comes with low construction costs. On the other hand marble mausoleums are long lasting mausoleums that stand strong and still for long years but building mausoleums of marble costs quite huge. Thus, both the different types of mausoleums have its own benefits and it depends completely on people to make a choice. To make your choice easy and simple, comes at your service. Explore and get every small to big detail related to mausoleum and get inspiration to build a special epitome of memory for your family. 

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