A printer is an put out device that assumes text and graphical entry from a computer and prints the info on paper. Printer is one of the ideal resource to print the data on rough and very easy basic to Discuss with other types. It is necessary device that can be primarily used in everyplace the same as businesses, industries, schools and so on. Printers are different in types, speeds and cost. different types of printers are offered Rely On upon the need of the customer. The grade of printing depends locating printer. costly printers are chosen to print the more-determination colour printing. Printers are adapted of printing data at very maximum speed. records.

Now, the most advanced printers performing the several-tasking activity having unique features like scan the document, fax to others, share the document through blue tooth, wifi.

Two classes of printer are widely used : Impact Printers and Non-Impact Printers. These types of printer further divided in to sub-categories, in which Impact Printers, Dot Matrix Printer are used. In Dot Matrix Printers, an set up of tiny hammers or pins strikes the ribbon to generate preferred individuals. These printers are Highly affordable but noiseful, it can print both text and graphics. It has low value printing.

In Non-Impact Printer, there is no consult between the case and the paper while printing. The Non-Impact printer further split in to three types such as Laser Printer, Ink-jet Printer and Thermal Printer. Laser Printers used the toner to print the text. unique types of printer facilitates different types of toner. Laser Printer supports various printer toners which may be either konica minolta 4690mf toner or hp 1500 toner, these toners are kind of beneficial in nature. Laser printer use laser beam to print the data on paper at high speed. The current product of laser printers can print extra than 200 single color pages in one minute. Using a laser printer has a number of benefits over any other types of printers available. This facilitate printing on both sides of a paper With no require to remove the paper at all. Laser printer have created in RAM chips to store documents output form computer. It has a very good quality. Thermal printer use heat to print characters on papers and Ink-jet printer use ink to print characters on paper.

Four characteristics which attracts users : Colour, Resolution, Speed, Memory. Colour is important for user who needs high quality of introduction in hard copy. The sharpness of text and images is based upon resolution, who worked based on dpi ,dot per inch. suitable resolution for printers is 600 dpi. More costly printers print 3-6 sheets per minute. Colour printing is slowly. Most printer come with little amount of memory. When the computer sends a command to printer to printing data, printer holds the command in to buffered memory area. PCL Printer command Language is an escape code language used to send commands to printer for printing document. Hewlett Packard originally devised PCL for dot matrix and ink-jet printers.

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