Ngbodi Edward aka Eddy Lanky
Ngbodi Edward aka Eddy Lanky

Ngbodi Edward aka Eddy Lanky is a Nigerian born AfroBeat recording artiste and performer.

Born in 1995 and grew up in the west, Lagos State, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree awarded having concluded his Theatre Arts degree from Lagos State University – with a Second Class Honours, upper division.

Eddy’s passion for music started way before his college days, since 2010, regularly recording songs and experimenting with various fusion of Afro Beats and sounds that reflects the ingeniousness and dexterity of the African music style.

Whilst in college, he performed in functions across every department and faculty, delivering electrifying performances, always to the bewilderment of attending guests. His performances transcended college as he repeated same feats whilst serving his country, Nigeria, in the NYSC.


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