Zip file is known as compress files because one or more than one files is compact in it. Files are compresses in one folder to send more than one document at a time from mail. Windows operating system users and Mac users can make the use of an Zip files. Zip files are stored with. Zip extension. To see the contents of an Zip file , you need to extract or unzip the file. But in come situation you need to fail to unzip the Zip folder and file compress in it become inaccessible. Zip files are secure but on other hand it is also pron to corruption and damaged. To prevent from severe data loss situation you need to use an valid backup to restore an inaccessible data. In case if no backup is available you need to use an recovery software to repair the Zip file to recover the data of an compressed file.

Consider a scenario to understand the situation ,.

for example you have come an attachment of Zip file in your mail , when you download and try to extract the Zip file , you may fail to do so and error message appears:

“the specified Zip file is corrupted”

After this error uses may fail to open the Zip file and extract the Zip file data.

Main cause of failure to open the Zip file , is due to the corruption of zip file which may occur due to the following reasons :

Improper system shutdown

Virus or malware attack

Different Compression standard.

Incompatible and broken downloads.

In catalog files missing of data.

Media read error.

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors.

Users may have to face lot of difficulties when Zip files get corrupted .

Corrupted and damaged zip file can be repaired with the corrupted zip file repair software. This software is efficient and repair the files completely from it and easily extract the inaccessible data from file. With its robust an scanning algorithm it easily repair and make an easy for users to extract the Zip file.

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