Now days most of the people have started using a tablet PC in their routine as well as professional activities. Due to its extensive and advanced features it has become very much popular to the young generation also. They too use this handy portable machine in their educational activities. Additionally most remote control software users are confused to conclude which is the better between the laptop PC and the tablet. We can easily discuss why these are very popular and effective in our daily use.

The first common advantage of the tablet PC is they are small in size and light in weight from other computing machines. This makes them portable if we want to carry them with us at any time. The connectivity features are also good in these smart machines and mostly they contain the Wi Fi features into them.

Many contain 3G fast speed connectivity functions within a cellular network. Another aspect is they have user friendly remote control functions and tools. Currently different types of versatile remote control software are being developed and provided for these tablets. This has also made the process of the IT support a bit easier.

The remote control softwares are being developed for different platforms like android, iOS etc. Users find such programs that let them to access remote machines by their tablets also. There are many remote control softwares that present good compatibility to these smart machines. LogMeIn Ignition is one of the most usable software that is easy to download and install, login and start using it. It can easily deduct your PC until your PC is running and you can use it from a remote location.

PhoneMyPC is another good one that gives you the feature to use your webcam attached to your desktop that can be uses as a spy. There are many more which are marked by different users as the best like Wyse PocketCloud Pro. The good part of this software is it arranges the navigation tools in the center of the display screen from where you can easily navigate. With this a person can easily provide remote technical support to its home machines too.

There are different limitations as they have certain problems related to low power in their CPUs. They have relatively low configured RAM and storage area as well as compared to the laptop PCs. There may be compatibility issues also as concerned with the operating systems. Physically it is a little bit unhealthy for its screen as the users have to handle it carefully. Working with a tablet PC should be more cautious for its protection.

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