We are neither shocked, nor surprised by Flagstaff House’s claims that the Tuesday 20th January Demonstration against President Mahama in Berlin was unsuccessful and that it was attended by a handful of people.
It is their stock in trade to tell fibs. We are all aware how the Foreign Minister denigrated members of the OccupyGhana Movement when they demonstrated against the Flagstaff House. Since then the so-called ‘handful demonstrators’ have become a major force that is holding the Government to account on corruption. We are not, therefore, perturbed by the plain lies by the Flagstaff House regarding our demonstration in Germany. Now, to the issues:
First of all, we, the people of Ghana living in Germany, demonstrated as scheduled in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin. There were about 100 demonstrators in all and by far the most effective demonstration by Ghanaians in Germany, especially when you consider the busy schedules of Ghanaians abroad.
Secondly, we want the Flagstaff House to answer the following critical questions bothering on its desperate attempts to throw cold water on the impact of our demonstration which has no doubt rattled them:

1. Why did they pay some Ghanaians between ?500 to ?1000 to not attend the demonstration? We have members of our community who will testify to this blatant bribery attempt.
2. Why did President Mahama use the rear entrance to the hotel? Surely, a handful of demonstrators could not have frightened him that much? The truth of the matter is that his handlers, having seen the size of the demonstrators, sneaked him into the hotel through the backdoor, like the coward that he is, unable to face his own countrymen, and women.

3. Again, why, and how much did the Flagstaff House spent in bribing people to attend a community meeting with the President?
These are critical questions that need urgent answers from the Flagstaff House, not the fibs they want to tell Ghanaians.
Ghanaians are aware that corruption has engulfed our nation which has matured to “Thievery and Stealing”. We engaged the Government of Germany, and have impressed upon them how corrupt our President and his NDC government are. We have also sent a strong signal to Deutsche Bank to be careful of the “Awam” loan the corrupt government wants to acquire through GNPC without Parliamentary approval.

All said and done, even if, on assumption, only one person attended the demonstration, the fact remains that a demonstration is not about numbers but the message and it’s purpose. We achieved both.
Instead of embarking on this red herring trip, we urge the Flagstaff House to focus on dealing with the economic mess it has created, as well as with the corruption in high places going to the very top of this government. We are tired of the lies!

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