The German interior minister has announced a new anti-terror measures, following recent attacks linked to Islamist militants.


Thomas de Maiziere is expected to call for swifter deportation of criminals and greater use of video surveillance.
There are also plans to ban public wearing of the burka (full veil) and radical Islamist funding of mosques.
A possible ban on dual citizenship and easing of medical confidentiality have already prompted heated debate.

“My proposals are limited to the points that can lead to more security rapidly,” the minister said. “Other points will be discussed by the parties. We need a workable consensus in the coalition.”

German media report that the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) – coalition partners of the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) – strongly oppose any ban on dual citizenship. The Greens also oppose it.

The security issue has become intensely political, as the country prepares for general elections next year and earlier regional elections.

The deputy head of Bavaria’s intelligence services, Manfred Hauser, has told the BBC the risk of a major attack on German soil is high.

He said his agents were investigating hundreds of reports that the so-called Islamic State (IS) group was sending teams into the country disguised as refugees.

So far Germany has not witnessed the scale of attack seen in France, where militant Islamists killed 147 in Paris last year and 85 in Nice last month

Source: BBC


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