The Madina Police have arrested two German couples, Mr. Philip Spaine unemployed, and his wife, Mrs Theodosia Spaine, staff of the Ghana wpid-police.jpgHighway Authority, for ostracizing their three children, and preventing them from attending school, and even disallowing them from playing with other kids in their vicinity.
The eldest of the three children who is about eight years, told the Police that she could not remember when she stepped in a classroom all her life time, adding that their parents made them to believe that Ghanaians do not have good hearts and therefore it was not safe to get closer to them.
When the police enquired from the girls whether they have the desire to attend school, they replied in the negative.
When their father was asked why he has not sent the children to school, he replied that since the children were born, they have not been able to get a suitable school for them, and so they are being taught at home.
The Madina Police had taken the statements of the couple, and have granted them bail while investigations are on-going.



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