Gerald Ankr

Gerald Ankrah

Hearts chief Gerald Ankrah wants the Elite Cup competition to be scrapped, revealing it has brought untold financial burden on Premier League clubs.

The novelty league was introduced as a stop-measure to an enraging legal tussle between King Faisal and the Ghana FA.

But the competition has failed to attract sponsorship, leaving the clubs to bear the brunt of soliciting funds to keep them in the competition.

And Hearts General Manager Gerald Ankrah is unimpressed with competition, stressing it has done more harm than good.

?The Elite Cup is a way of adding to cost of clubs, without getting the necessary compensation for that. Something more should be done to attract sponsors to help cushion the teams,? he told Fox Fm.

?It simply does not make economic sense to play in such a competition.

?If we?re struggling to find sponsorship, then we must look at it again.

?The clubs are burden financially and it?s a source of worry to all of us.?


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