Ghana Export Promotion Authority

The attention of the Management of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority has been drawn to some publications in print and online media captioned “MASSIVE ROT AT GHANA EXPORT PROMOTION AUTHORITY” along with a host of other sensational headlines being peddled in attempts to denigrate the reputation of the Authority in an alleged case of financial malfeasance.

Following this, the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) is by this release issued on 29th May, 2018 and copied to denying the allegations of financial malfeasance at the Authority, put in the media out there.

“We further assure our esteemed stakeholders that, the Audit Service of Ghana, as mandated by law, has as is periodically required and done, scheduled to conduct their routine audit, and the Management of GEPA shall in deference to the integrity of the office of audit, await the settlement of the facts of the matter,” the release emphasised.

For any further information, contact Phone: 0302675326, 0244678171 (Public Relations).


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