The degreaser

A water-based chemical that effectively prevents manufacturing and heavy metals from corrosion has been launched onto the Ghanaian market.

Eater Ultra Concentrated Oil Degreaser, solely distributed and marketed by Gentse Trading Enterprise, based in Accra, replaces flammable solvent cleaners. It contains no hazardous chlorinated, fluorinated or acidic solvents.

Michael Kofi Yeboah, Managing Proprietor of Gentse Trading Enterprise, commenting on the product noted: “This formulation safely accomplishes the cleaning that previously required solvent or acidic cleaners and exposed users as well as the environment to inherent hazardous chemicals.”

According to the businessman, the unique formula of non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, water softeners and other biodegradable ingredients cuts through oily and greasy dirt, encapsulating the oil and dirt into a solution that can easily be rinsed.

“The oil eater has been used successfully by the automotive industry and also the boats and ships, metal fabricating, mining, micro processing, packaging and professional fabric cleaning industries.”

Mr Yeboah, who is also the sole distributor of Septonic, another biodegradable cleaning agent, said the degreaser could be used on floors, metal equipment, manufacturing plants, washing tanks, trucks, motor bikes, tiles, stones as well as other hard surfaces.

John Mensah, who was trained at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and based in Accra, described it as the most effective ‘oil eating’ cleanser suitable for high performance janitorial services.

The business man said when he heard about the product, he questioned its ability to deliver until he used it.

Already, Aviance Ghana and other big mining companies in Ghana are patronizing the product and it is delivering superb results. Further enquiries on the product could be made to [email protected]

By Samuel Boadi

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