Few days ago, Nollywood super star Genenieve Nnaji posted a photo highlighting her natural beauty?When we talk about natural beauty, we mean our ?inherent attractiveness?-raw beauty, not enriched by all the enhancements such as weaves, make-ups and others?

After seeing the photo (above), I said to myself; this woman is naturally beautiful?

When It comes to our Ghanaian Movie Industry Celebrities, the only person touted as naturally beautiful even by those who loathe her is Jackie Appiah?

I am yet to find any woman in the Ghanaian Movie Industry who can match Jackie Appiah?s natural attractiveness?

With her as the most beautiful (natural) Ghanaian Celebrities ( I am not just saying this, it was confirmed by our readers during a poll held on GhanaCelebrities.Com),  we have decided to compare her to the woman who can also be said to be the most beautiful (natural) Nigerian Celebrity-Genevieve Nnaji?

Who do you think is the Queen of Natural Beauty? Genevieve Nnaji  Or Jackie Appiah?

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