This rather ambitious target is contained in the final draft of the National Social Protection Policy which will soon be presented to Cabinet for approval.


The Policy intends to facilitate the work of social interventions in Ghana by providing direction for the development, co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation of social protection programmes in the country.

It further seeks to help the Ministry to fulfill the constitutional requirement to create a more equitable and poverty?free nation,where every citizen has an equal opportunity to grow, develop and contribute to a healthier, happier household and a more prosperous Ghana.

Speaking at a national stakeholders’ consultative workshop to finalise the draft policy in Accra last week, the sector Minister, Hon. Nana Oye Lithur, disclosed that the meeting was to review the Policy to ensure that the proposed objectives and strategies were in consonance with issues on the ground.

According to Nana Oye Lithur the goal of the Policy was to have a well-coordinated, inter-sectoral social protection system that would ensure effective implementation and co-ordination and enable people to live in dignity through income support, livelihood empowerment and improved systems of basic services.

That, according to her, ?will be done through the provision of social protection for the extreme poor and vulnerable persons in Ghana in an effective and efficient manner to reduce extreme poverty by 50% by 2025.? The Ministry, she stressed, would ensure that the achievements of the policy would be sustained with legislation.
The policy also aims at increasing access to formal social security to 50% of Ghanaians by 2025.

Hon Nana Lithur noted that social protection had become an effective and efficient tool for addressing poverty, vulnerability exclusion all over the world. She said most countries in Africa and the world at large have resolved to make growth inclusive and eliminate poverty and exclusion by 2030.

She said the Policy would contribute to the reducing poverty inequalities, improving productivity and incomes, enhancing cohesiveness of the Ghanaian society while at the same time protecting the extreme poor and vulnerable groups.

On her part, Ms Sarah Hague, Co-Chair of the Social Protection Sector Working Group, said any country in the world ?must strive to protect, promote and transform the lives of all its citizens.?

Ms Hague submitted that the attainment of such objective must come not through handout for the few, but by creating an environment that supported people to achieve their best through cohesive system that ensured that no one has to experience poverty.

This ?is the duty of any government. It is a right of every person to benefit from such support when they need it,? she stated.

By Mohammed Suleman/Public Agenda


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