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AISA International NGOThe International Feminine Congress for a Culture of Peace ??Women?s turn to speak?? will be held in Algeria at Oran and Mostaganem from October 27th to November 2nd?2014.? Organized by AISA, International NGO and by the foundation Djanatu al-Arif, this congress aims to initiate a discussion on the importance of women and the feminine in the Muslim tradition to assist in generating a profound mutation in our societies enabling men and women to become equal and responsible.

?All over the world, women and men are eagerly and anxiously awaiting the establishment of gender equality. This first world congress on relationships between men and women in the Muslim culture aims to carry this essential message, that must be heard everywhere, bringing a deep reflection and a new concrete vision into the destiny of our lives. ? says Sheikh Khaled BENTOUNES, the spiritual leader of the Alawiyya Sufi path, the organizer of this congress.

The International Feminine Congress will bring together more than fifty international specialists who will reflect on the role of the feminine and women in the Muslim culture and their importance in creating a true culture of peace that will promote ? better living together.”

The discussions will be organized around five main themes:

????????? ?? Axis 1 ? The Feminine: Different Perspectives

Feminine and masculine stereotypes have been deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of humanity, despite a significant evolution of attitudes. They reflect a rigid image of women that reduces them to mere appearances, thereby creating individual and societal imbalances, as well as ever-increasing gender conflict. Through different perspectives that humanity adopts concerning women, and through a return to the consciousness of primordial unity, we propose to work towards a reconciliation of Feminine and Masculine.

Axis 2 ? The Feminine: Ethics and Education

In an ever-changing world, how can we promote an open-minded education to transmit human values? How can we raise our children to be free and responsible beings in a society sick with consumerism?

???????????? Axis 3 – The Feminine: Tradition and Modernity

In our dehumanized world, it has become essential to reflect on the meaning of human and universal values. How can we highlight the values and wisdom shared by all, in order to build together a world of peace?

???????????? Axis 4 – The Feminine: Veiling and Unveiling

Many women today hope to lay the foundations for open and constructive dialogue on the religious, cultural and spiritual meaning of veiling and unveiling. What are the taboos that have become intertwined with this question throughout history? How can we deconstruct all the ?false truths? about women in order to let them reacquire their own history, rights and dignity?

???????????? Axis 5 ? The feminine and culture of peace

Peace, we all talk about it, and each of us wants it. But what exactly is peace? It is not just the absence of conflict; it is a state of being that implies reconciliation with oneself, with others, and with nature ? an ever-present challenge. Peace is a reality that touches everything. How can we build the foundations for a culture of peace based on education, respect for human rights, and sustainable economic and social development? The congress will be an opportunity to ponder together on how to build a culture of peace that will benefit all humanity.

For the spiritual leader of the Alawiyya Sufi path, Sheikh Khaled Bentounes, this meeting is a big step forward to gender equality, an inevitable way to build a true culture of peace. ?This congress is crucial. Every day we are bombarded with stories and images of conflicts, violence and misery, the consequences of the irrational behavior of human beings. And yet, the yearning for peace has never been stronger ?.

??The development of information technologies coupled with profit-driven globalization have brought about rapid changes in today?s societies ? changes that destabilize and weaken a world with its inescapable exchanges of ideas and where the mixing of peoples of different origins and diverse cultures is an undeniable fact. Humanity must react and redirect efforts towards an alternative ? in fact ? a golden opportunity: a society of ?better living together,? with all the values that this concept conveys. This is a new challenge. Its significance extends far beyond geographic, cultural, social and religious borders and can only come to fruition through a culture of peace??, concludes Sheikh Bentounes.

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Present in many countries worldwide, ??AISA International NGO?? is a spiritual organization with a ??special consultative status?? from the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN. AISA contributes, through the spiritual and ethical issues, to the promotion and consolidation of the Living together between civilizations and religions. It works to facilitate the understanding of the principles of gender equality, non-discrimination, social and cultural progress of humanity, promote a culture of peace and fight poverty. It promotes cultural cooperation, brotherhood and mutual understanding of religions and human spiritualties. It wants to hinder fundamentalism, religious wars to create a more just and united world in the service of humanity.

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