Vows to uphold the rule of law in Nigeria. | By Grace Joe

President Goodluck Jonathan, on Monday in New York, assured the world of his administration?s ?unwavering commitment? to upholding the rule of law and implementing all pledges made by Nigeria to the international community.

Addressing the plenary session of the United Nations, Jonathan declared that it was imperative for the rule of law to be further strengthened at national and international levels to ensure equity and fairness for all people.

The president said that the rule of law at international level must be based on the core principles of the United Nations which were further reaffirmed in the 2005 World Summit Document.

This, he said, implies that countries must in good faith, honour their international obligations, including the obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force, the obligation to settle disputes through peaceful means, the obligation to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms and abide by international humanitarian law.

?Nigeria subscribes to the view that it is only an international system based on the rule of law that can guarantee the protection of the rights of individuals and the interests of the less powerful in the global arena,” he said. “The principle of equality of states remains an important element in the promotion of the rule of law at the international level. The international community should therefore discourage any semblance of selective observance and enforcement of international law.

Nigeria recognises the important role of the International Court of Justice and other international tribunals in the peaceful resolution of international disputes. The work of the ICJ and other international criminal tribunals have contributed to the promotion of world peace and security, as well as ending impunity around the globe by holding accountable, those responsible for grave violations of international and humanitarian law. Member states should therefore continue to provide support for these international adjudicatory mechanisms to enable them discharge their respective mandates.”

He pledged that his administration will continue to encourage the Nigerian judiciary to play a pivotal role in the advancement and elaboration of the rights of Nigerians through effective oversight over the actions of the executive and legislature.

The session was opened by the Secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon.

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