The Leadership and members of the Ghana Expats in China (G.E.C.),an associatuon of Ghanaians living in China and popularly known as ” GEC High Court 2″, on this 29th day of November,2016, write to all Ghanaians especially political leaders and countrymen and women for a peaceful election.

We share the concern of other members in the diaspora to call on especially leaders of all political parties contesting in the December 7,2016 election to put the interest of Ghana above any other interests. We have witnessed and can attest to such peaceful electoral processes in the past and believe that we shall be resolute as a country to portray to the entire world that we understand and are deep practitioners of multi-party democracy.

We are Ghanaians who find ourselves in various divisions and areas in China and striving to keep the good image of our dear country in whatever way we can to our host country.

We particularly would petition the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission and staff as well as the religious leaders and the heads of our Security agencies to display a greater sense of professionalism which they are noted for especially at this time, to repose the trust and confidence of the entire populace.

Finally, we would appeal to our youth to exercise the maximum restraint even in the highest provocation and not to be led to be engaged in acts that would ruin our dear nation’s image.

In the end, we are Ghanaians, one people with a common destiny but only with differing idealogies.
God bless Ghana, God bless China.

GEC High Court 2


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