GCB Bank Limited has launched a campaign aimed at driving attitudinal change amongst Ghanaians, especially in the areas of road safety and sanitation.

Dubbed “Be a Cool Ghanaian,” the three-month campaign which starts this month is to help raise awareness on the need for Ghanaians to be conscious of their safety on the roads as well as embrace sanitation.


The campaign also aims at driving a sense of patriotism amongst Ghanaians and drive the fact that it’s “cool” to do the right thing.

The Head of Corporate Affairs Department of GCB Bank, Mrs. Thyra Obuobi, explained that most societal issues are multi-faceted and require a multi-stakeholder approach, however, the root causes of most societal issues are largely driven by human attitude and behaviour and therefore requires a concerted effort aimed at attitudinal change.

“The road carnage and challenges with sanitation for example, are two key issues that are largely the direct result of human behavior, and as Ghana’s largest indigenous Bank, with the largest footprint around the country, we believe that, it’s our responsibility to drive attitudinal change amongst Ghanaians in order to make the country a better place for everyone,” she stated.

“The cost of human life cannot be quantified, and we cannot afford not to act, as people lose their loved ones through acts that could easily have been prevented with the right judgement,” she added.

Campaign Dynamics

According to Mrs. Obuobi, some of the key messages for the campaign will revolve around encouraging responsible driving, promoting defensive driving and proper road etiquette, discouraging distracted driving, encouraging passengers to speak up against dangerous driving and also report recalcitrant drivers to the police.

The “Cool Ghanaian” campaign will be deployed across both traditional and new media platforms and Ghanaians will be encouraged to pledge to do the right thing and most importantly, actually do the right things on the road.


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