A disturbing video is making the rounds of social networking websites today. The video shows Russian Neo-Nazi skinheads interrogating, and then assaulting, a gay teenager who answered an ad for sex with an older man.

Gay groups claim the skinheads are conducting campaigns called ?Occupy Pedophilyaj? and ?Occupy Gerontilyaj? ? to stamp out pedophilia in Russia. The campaign is led by Russian ultranationalist Maxim Martsinkevich who purports to ?identify and report pedophiles.?

But the main activity of the group seems to be luring gay boys and torturing them with the intent of outing them to their families and communities.

?We do not like homosexuals,? the leader of one local gathering explained, according to a HuffPost translation. ?If it was up to me, I?d kill them but the government doesn?t allow that.?

The Neo-Nazi group lures gay teens by placing ads in a Russian newspaper for a ?date? with an older man. When the teenagers show up, the group abducts the boys and assaults them. The assaults are filmed and uploaded to social media websites such as the Russian versions of Facebook and Twitter.com.

In one video, a 15-year-old boy is ambushed by a group of men and women when he arrives at a housing project to meet an older man for sex. A woman interrogates the terrified teen who acknowledges that he?s there to have sex with ?Uncle Dima?. While the woman plays the role of the good guy, the other men taunt and laugh at the boy.

The teen gives the group his name, where he lives, and the school he attends. Toward the end of the video a man appears to urinate in a bottle. He then steps forward and pours the contents of the bottle on the boy?s head. Another man kicks the teen and the video ends.

Gay rights groups decry the anti-gay brutality depicted in this video. But no mention is made of the fact that the 15-year-old went there to meet a grown man for sex of his own free will.

Homophobia will always exist in this world ? just as racism will never end in America. The solution is not to brainwash all children by teaching them that homosexuality is normal. Rather, gay teens should be taught that sexual promiscuity at their age is detrimental to their health.

Watch the video


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