Presby Church Moderator Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has set up a committee to investigate an alleged gay sex scandal involving one of its pastors, Reverend Kingsford Kusi-Kyere of the Abokobi branch of the Church in Accra.

Seven young men aged between 20 and 28 have individually accused Rev Kusi-Kyere of engaging in homosexual acts with them.

The men are all workers on the Church?s farm of which Reverend Kusi-Kyere is the manager.

Although Reverend Kusi-Kyere has denied the allegations, the Presbyterian Church has stated that it is conducting an independent investigation into the matter.

Reverend Dr. Godwin Odonkor, who is with the regional office of the Presbyterian Church in an interview with XYZ News said the Church must find out the truth of the matter.

?As far as the Church is concerned we don?t know whether it is true or not, what we havebdone is to set up an investigative committee to find out the veracity of the matter? Rev. Dr. Odonkor said.



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