The Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA) has laid down its tools once again after failed attempts by government to address their grievances. This latest move comes in the wake of failed negotiations between themselves and major stakeholders involving the Ministry of Finance and Vice Chancellors of the various universities.

It would be recalled that barely a month ago GAUA suspended its services over delays in migration unto the single spine salary structure.

The Association’s President of the KNUST wing, Mr. Solomon Panford, disclosed in an interview with David Apinga on Focus FM that they have been forced to take this action due to government’s failure to honor its promise.

He revealed that government had pledged its commitment in addressing the situation by the 23rd of May in a meeting with the finance minister, the Vice Chancellors, Ghana and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission in Accra. Government has however reneged on its promises as at the given date prompting them to take this next line of action.

“The minister assured us that we were going to hear something positive from him by the 23rd May, but as at now we’ve not heard anything, so we’ve held our meeting and as we had only suspended our services earlier we are only reverting back to our decision since they are not taking us serious,” he concluded. The association comprising of administrators in the various universities has membership ranging from health administrators, IT administrators and senior members of the university community.

Even though state universities are on their long vacation, the effect of this intended strike is yet to be ascertained especially with regards to health delivery.

The nationwide intended strike action will be effective Monday, 28th May. By Kofi Owusu, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi


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