The technology involves the compression of building materials, basel stones and small amount of cement to make them compact and light.
This could be use in putting up storey buildings with many floors because of the lighter nature of materials used.

Prototypes of this pro-poor housing technology which reduces cost of housing construction by 30 percent, would be introduced by the Company in March 2016, Mr Christopher Foe, Chief Executive Officer of the Company
told newsmen in Ho on Wednesday.

“Our target is the very low income earners. With a net income of 1000 Ghana Cedis you should be able to own a house and pay in ten years,” he said.

He said the technology, from Ukraine and Russia also saves on building materials, energy and eliminates pollutants.

It regulates humidity, eliminates air-condition and cracks. Mr Foe said his Company was poised to help address Ghana’s housing challenges in 2016 and measure up to the global competition.

“Total quality management and timely delivery has been the Company’s hallmark in the last ten years,” he said.

Meanwhile the Company honoured four of its workers in recognition of their hard work, with a three bedroom self-contain house going to the overall best worker as part of its 10th anniversary celebration.

Source: GNA


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