A former Director General of the Ghana Health Service and leading member of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Professor Agyemang Badu Akosah has condemned the minority in parliament over their conduct during the delivery of the State of the Nation Address in parliament yesterday.
He stated that, “the kind of ‘gargantuan heckling’ meted out to President Mills by wearing black and red attire and unnecessarily jeering him during the address was most inappropriate”.
The Minority in Parliament on Thursday brandished red cards amid chants of “away, away” as President Mills concluded his address to the nation.  Some of the minority Members of Parliament (MPs) were singing Woyome, Woyome, Woyome, gargantuan Woyome.
This conduct of the minority has been condemned by members of the ruling NDC and a cross section of Ghanaians describing their behavior as smacks of disrespect.
Prof. Akosah added that the Speaker of Parliament as well as the leadership of the minority must call the minority MPs to order to forestall such act in the future, stressing that “the act betrays the decency that should be portrayed in Parliament”.
According to him, opposition parties would raise issues and resort to minor heckling, but to dress in black and red with a red card and to be shouting ‘away’ to the President of this country, I think it was most inappropriate. ”


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