A 12-year-old New York boy and his three 13-year-old friends accused of gang raping a 14-year-old girl over three days and attempting to rape another 12-year-old claimed in court today that the sex was consensual.

The boys, all students of Chestnut Ridge Middle School in Ramapo, have told the Rockland Family Court that they did not illegally enter the girls home and rape her on two different occasions and sexually attack another girl.

Giving evidence by closed circuit television to the court, the girl who is now 15, said that on the second day the boys let themselves into her home uninvited early on June 12th and took it in turns to rape her ? only leaving that morning to catch a bus to school for an exam they didn?t want to miss.

In late August, the 15-year-old girl gave evidence from another room in the family court because prosecution psychologists had deemed it damaging for her to see the four defendants who are currently free under house supervision.

The teen claimed in evidence that the boys raped her again in the afternoon on the 12th and and finally returned on the 13th of June to rape her again but she told them she was menstruating and instead the boys attempted to attack a 12-year-old girl who was present in the home.

The older girl said that the attacks began on the morning of June 11th, when the boys entered the home, held her down and stripped her of her clothes, which she said she tried to resist.

?I was yelling and screaming to leave me alone,? she said, adding she felt ?pain? at being penetrated multiple times.

The 15-year-old claimed that in the afternoon of the 12th after they returned from school, the boys discovered her hiding in her parents bedroom, overpowered her and held her down by her wrists while they took it in turns to rape her again.

Claiming that the boys knew where a key to her front door was kept, the 15-year-old girl has testified that the boys came back on the 12th and took it in turns to rape and sodomise her inside the bathroom.

The 15-year-old and 12-year-old girl who is now 13, didn?t tell their parents until a two days after the alleged attacks.


Source : AFP


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