Ghana's political parties
Ghana's political parties

The Chief Executive Officer of the Gamey and Gamey Group, Mr Austin Gamey, who made the suggestion, explained that having a dispute resolution hub to offer free services to disputing parties, could also free Ghana’s courts from the overload of disputes, many of which had remained unresolved for years.

“The national ADR centre is to help in resolving disputes that are not criminal in nature to free the courts,” Mr Gamey told journalists at the closing session of the 18th Professional Master of ADR course over the weekend.

“It will enable parties to go there and even to their website and select a mediator who is well balanced to enable their dispute to be resolved.”

“They will educate the public in self-mediation, so you don’t need to hire a mediator if you need self-mediation, you can resolve your own disputes without resorting to anybody.”

Mr Gamey noted that the National Labour Commission was not intended by law to be resolving labour related matters all the time, but it was supposed to find the tools for mediators to guide the parties to resolve their differences.”

He said there is managerial mediation, which was exclusive for work place conflict resolution where managers and labour could strategically use self-mediation, executive mediation and preventive mediation to resolve work related disputes without resorting to the courts.

Mr Gamey blamed the rising conflicts of various kinds and the inability of conflict parties to settle their differences on weak educational structure, which failed to integrate conflict mediation into the curriculum.

“It is a big shame to see that in Ghana here even dispute escalate to crises level and the parties will have to go to courts when we can use various tools to resolve such disputes,” he said.

“It is quite embarrassing, but we allow it because of the porous nature of our educational system; we need to balance our educational system, we need to introduce into our educational system peer mediation and relational matters into our curriculum right from Class Four, otherwise they become albatross on the neck of everybody.”

Experts say ADR is now acknowledged as one of the surest ways of resolving conflicts such as commercial cases, labour disputes, family, land, chieftaincy and marital disputes.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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