Adama Barrow

Leader of Gambia’s socialist PDOIS party Halifa Sallah Wednesday advised President Adama Barrow to honor the promise of resigning after three years, an agreement he has penned with coalition partners.

“It was our conviction that if President Barrow leads the example of limiting his own term, then no other leader will ever emerge again that will go beyond two terms,” he said during a press conference.

Barrow won against ex-president Yahya Jammeh with the backing of eight political parties on an agreement that he will rule for only 3 years and resign for fresh election.

He said Barrow’s resignation will require Constitutional amendment, where it will be introduced in the 1997 Constitution a provision asserting that upon resignation or vacation of the seat of the presidency, the vice president will act for 90 days thereafter the presidential election shall be held.

“That provision is not in the Constitution. Therefore, as its stands he has a 5-year term. But if it is put in the constitution and adhered to, then he would be able to resign after 3 years and presidential election would be held,” he said.

Sallah said the objective of the Coalition in the National Assembly is to reform the Constitution and to reduce the powers of the executive, a plan “Barrow has agreed to”.

Barrow admitted several times during campaign that he will honor the agreement but since his victory, he has softened his position and said he would resign based on the views of his coalition members.

His UDP party holds the majority in the country’s National Assembly and could reject the amendment to the constitution. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/