Ebola deaths topped

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday advised the public to stay calm as it was closely monitoring the situation in collaboration with its partners.

Ebola deaths topped
Ebola deaths topped

The border control of the country, which remains Ebola-free, has been strengthened at all levels and well-trained health personnel have been deployed for daily surveillance and medical checks, said the ministry.

It called on the citizens to report any suspected symptoms of the deadly virus to the nearest hospitals or health facilities.

The ministry also advised people to continue with proper hand washing before eating and call the toll free Ebola hotline for any information about the virus.

Not a single case of Ebola has been reported in Gambia during West Africa’s battle against the deadly virus.

A recent resurgence of Ebola in a rural Guinean community has killed seven people so far, media reports said on Wednesday.

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa no longer constituted an international emergency, but the announcement of new cases demonstrated the difficulty in managing the aftermath of the virus. Endi

Source: Xinhua


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