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2012 Edition of African movie Academy Awards (AMAA) has received 328 entries from filmmakers across Africa.

President of AMAA’S College in Screeners, Shuaib Hussein said in a release yesterday that his team of screeners are currently in camp are working with records prior to the nominations, which will be announced in Banjul, the Gambia’s capital.

The nominations would be announced by a big ceremony which will be attended by celebrities, top officials and top industry players in the Gambia and other African countries on 17 March, 2012.

Mr. Hussein, who gave a breakdown of the records, said AMAA regional offices in Lagos, Accra, Johannesburg and Nairobi received 328 total posts as follows: short film-88 entries, documentaries-57, records from Africans in the Diaspora-43, animations-6 and 134 features movies from Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Namibia, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, Algeria, Egypt and Zimbabwe among others.

Over 20 films were submitted from Ghana including indigenous films. For the first time received AMAA 6 indigenous films from Ghana.

Mr. Hussein is noted on the rise in entries this year that the filmmakers and Allied practitioners in Africa had accepted the award as their own, combined with the fact that win at AMAA had been a career-defining moment.

“The increasing awareness about the AMAA, and the fact that the filmmakers are becoming aware of the need to put their works up to publicity has given rise to more participation by AMAA awards.

Win by AMAA improves the reputation of any filmmaker in Africa and help their marketing and financial drive among other benefits.

Moreover, AMAA is the only great things now in Africa and so only mention a filmmaker the game running, ” he said.

Also talk about the nomination event, Naomi Lucas, head of Business Development, AMAA, said that the choice of the Gambia this year was to offer a new experience for celebrities and motion picture practitioners to explore the beauty and grandeur in the West African country, which had been one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

“Many of our people used to go to Europe and the United States for events and they know little about this beautiful continent. One of the goals with the AMAA is to reconcile Africa and celebrate our diversity.

Previous nomination events have been held in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Burkina Faso, ” she concluded.

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