The Gambian authorities have ordered four airline companies ?not to pick up passengers in Freetown, Monrovia and Conakry as inbound passengers to Banjul.? APA can confirm on Monday that a letter dated 10th April 2014 conveying the ban,  with immediate effect and until further notice, was sent from the Ministry of Transport in Banjul to the country manager of Brussels Airlines, Country Manager of Arik Airlines, Managing Director of The Gambia Bird and the Country Manager of Royal Air Maroc.The letter was copied to the Director-General Gambia Civil Aviation Authority for urgent action.According to BBC World Service on Sunday afternoon, the Gambian authorities have banned all flights from Conakry, Freetown and Monrovia as a preventive measure against the spread of the Ebola virus.APA contacted the immigration Spokesman to shed more light on the issue, but is yet to make any official statement.The government?s move follows the outbreaks of the Ebola virus in Guinea where some 100 people have been reported dead and cases in neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia where some deaths from the virus have been confirmed.Ebola for which no known cure or vaccine has been found is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected persons whether they are dead or alive.

Its symptoms are the vomiting of blood, muscle pain, weakness and diarrhoea among others.


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