Report by Simon Agbovi

GAFCSCThe Ghana Armed Forces Command Staff College (GAFCSC), weekend students as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has contributed its quota to humanitarian needs of victims of the June 3rd flood and disaster.
The donation presented to the 37 military hospital and first of it kind wealth gh 3000, include bags of rice, sugar, mineral water, cartel of tomatoe paste, tissue, gloves, sterile surgical, soap, fruit juice, cooking oil and others.

Mr. Gedel Ahmed, the class representative of the Masters of Science and Defense and International Politics of the evening class made note that the gesture is to enhance healthcare delivery and encourage victims to keep up the faith that the Ghanaian populace share their pain.
“The GAFCSC share the sympathy with the victims and deem it appropriate to support and enhance better healthcare delivery”.

“As a student body of GAFCSC, we deem it important to support the activities of civil society and the nation at large in our collective effort to alleviate the growing demands in supporting victims of the disaster” he added.
He mentioned that the principal motivation for the gesture stems from the theoretical understanding of what as would be defense & security experts, what peace support operations is all about.
“It is within this spirit and knowledge that we wish to play our part as Msc candidates of Defense & International Politics.

He further made an appeal and called on other groups and allied institutions of the Defense/ Security fraternity to support such disasters now and the future.

The Ghana Armed Forces Command Staff College, a government institution, initially only accepts admissions within the Ghana Arm Forces but has restructured and now open to the public at large to study to improve peace and security of the nation as a whole.

GAFCSC Donates
GAFCSC Donates

Major Ibn-Abubakar, the administrator for Medical for the hospital expressed the profound gratitude saying, the gesture will among the many others help to heal the wounds of victims.

He assured that the donation will be used for the intended purpose to help victims continue with life.


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