The Ghana Anti ? Corruption Coalition (GACC) says it will hold government accountable to the issues and timelines outlined by President John Mahama last week during his meeting with anti-corruption agencies in the country.

wpid-wpid-john-mahama1.jpgAddressing anti?corruption agencies last Friday at the Flagstaff House, President Mahama outlined a number of administrative actions as part of government?s commitment to curbing corruption.

“Although we expected some swift actions from the Presidency that will send a strong signal that the government will not tolerate corruption, GACC welcomes these initial steps as have been outlined by His Excellency, the President.”

GACC called on the government to ensure that these directives move from words into actions, and urge public institutions mandated to implement these policies to also work in a transparent manner in order to restore the much needed public trust in government and its institutions.

In response to the President?s call to all stakeholders to be on board the fight against corruption, GACC commits to monitor the actions outlined and to hold the President and his government accountable to the good people of Ghana on same.

“We therefore call on the President to use his esteemed office to request all the responsible institutions, particularly his Ministers and their respective Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to endeavor to provide any follow up information to all interest groups in Ghana, including the GACC, in order to make real meaning of the accountability slogan that the outlined directives seek to operationalise. We believe that this is one sure way we can move towards the realization of the governance and anti-corruption dividends? to be expected from the measures announced last week.”

“We also call on all Ghanaians to speak out and stand up against all forms of corruption they may encounter whilst conducting their legitimate duties as citizens, because the ultimate effects and impact of corruption are costs that would be borne by all of us as a nation. ”



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