Gabonese experts have proposed the creation of a fund for compensation of lives lost or agricultural farms destroyed by elephants.


The proposal was made on Tuesday during a national forum to discuss human-wildlife conflict held in Libreville between July 6 to 7, which brought together experts from Gabon’s ministries of agriculture and water and forestry as well as those from non- governmental organizations.

The participants proposed that the government should take full responsibility for victims of physical attacks from elephants.

“The fund will facilitate authorities to take appropriate responses and act in a concrete manner to ease the losses suffered by the victims,” Water and Forestry Minister Noel Nelson M’Essone said, while at the same time expressing hope that development partners will contribute to the fund.

The government organized the forum to find solutions to the human-wildlife conflicts which have become recurrent in the country since the creation in 2002 of 12 national parks, followed by a law banning the killing of elephants.
The number of elephants in Gabon has been rising to reach the current figure of 48,000. The animals have now become a menace as they stray into villages where they destroy crops. Enditem


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