Mr Sam Atukwei Quaye, Ga West Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), says it is the responsibility of assemblies to create the enabling environment for the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises at the local level.


He said, the Assembly has therefore undertaken the construction of a three-storey commercial centre at the Amasaman Market with the first phase consisting 34 shops and five large offices, which are almost completed.

Mr Quaye said this at the first ordinary meeting of the Assembly to review its economic performance in 2015.

He said the second phase of the market project which is to be funded by the UDG is at the procurement stage and would commence as soon as the Assembly receives “no objection” from the funding partners.

“The Assembly is also to put up open market sheds to cater for over 200 petty traders inside the market to enable those who cannot afford the shops to maintain their source of livelihood.”

The MCE said the market would be equipped with a modern toilet facility with a biogas plant whose output would be used to provide lighting for the market while exploring the public private partnership option to undertake the projects.

He said the Business Advisory Centre of the Assembly has encouraged leadership training among entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises in the municipality for them to continue to receive expert advice from the Centre to improve upon their output.



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