F Gee drops his Nii Ga name

F Gee

Young Accra musician, F Gee, wanted a new name that adequately reflected his roots and firm belief in traditional ways just as many other hiplifers before him such as Kontihene, Obrafuor, Okomfuo, Akyeame, Akatakyie and Daasebre had done.

So F Gee settled on Nii Ga when the Klala hiplife duo split but he has had to drop that name quickly because it is supposedly reserved for one special person – the Ga Mantse.

Starting initially as a hiplife trio, Klala shrunk into a duo with the departure of Lyff Angels soon after the release of their Nye He Ye Feo (You Are Beautiful) album in late 2007. The remaining duo of F Gee and Mantse Sole was nominated for honours in the Discovery of the Year and Hiplife Song of the Year categories at the 2008 Ghana Music Awards.

The pair later went their separate ways, saying they felt it was time to concentrate on individual projects. Mantse Sole opted to stick to the Klala name and that prompted F Gee to confer Nii Ga on himself.

While on Obonu FM to talk about his new image and promote his current singles, several callers, including some Ga royals, vehemently stated their opposition to F Gee going by the name of Nii Ga. The young man now wants to be known as Nii Bi to avert all the hassle he had been encountering since he chose to call himself Nii Ga.

“I conferred with some people knowledgeable enough in Ga traditional matters before moving from F Gee to Nii Ga but there have still been some opposing views about the name. After listening to some of the callers on Obonu FM, I decided it was time to relinquish the name,” the hiplife guy said.

One of the callers to the station was Naa Yaale Ajor Bo, a queenmother of Nai We, Ga Mashi. She explained to Showbiz that it was most inappropriate for anyone to call himself Nii Ga at this time when there is a feud over the rightful person to be Ga Mantse.

She said some elders of the Ga state were already looking for a way to contact F Gee about his new name when they heard him on Obonu FM so they decided to call in and advise him.

“Even if there was no tussle now over who should be Ga Mantse, he still cannot himself Nii Ga because only a rightfully elected Ga
Mantse can go by that name,” she said. “I don’t think anybody can just get up and call himself Otumfuo and not have questions asked from the Manhyia Palace.”

Another person, Nii Amaa Amartey I, Dzaasetse of Amaaman in Accra also said it would have amount to impersonation if F Gee had insisted on using the Nii Ga name.

“He could have been taken on in a court of law for name infringement but we are happy he humbly agreed to put that name aside for a new one,” the Dzaasetse said.

Naa Yaale Ajor Bo also pointed out that they have been impressed with the youngman’s ready acceptance of their intervention and are ready to work with him in his quest to promote Ghanaian culture, especially to young people.

Source Graphic Ghana


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