• Court Orders Stay of Prosecution, Throws Nii Tackie Tawiah III Contempt Case Away

Story: Prosper Agbenyega/www.www.spyghana.com

The Judicial Court of Appeal has granted a stay of proceedings in the contempt case pending in court over the legitimate King of the Ga State, involving King Tackie Tawiah III and Nii Tackie Adama Latse and his kingmakers.

It could be recalled that, in June 2011, the supposed Ga Mantse King Tackie Tawiah III sued his rival Nii Tackie Adama Latse and his kingmakers, claiming that the enstoolment of his rival constitutes contempt of court because of a pending suit at the Regional House of chiefs against his legitimacy.

Dr Joe Blankson has at the time, opened his defence in the longstanding Ga Paramount Stool dispute pending before the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs at Dodowa in which a number of people stood against his purported installation as Ga Mantse.

The court, according to a letter signed by Justices of Appeal, A. Asare Korang, K.N Aduama Osei and A.M.A Dordzie indicates that the application of contempt brought against it is unmeritorious.

On 25th April, 2012, the court stated in its judgement that, “Having heard counsel for the applicant/ appellants /respondent who opposes it on the ground that the application is unmeritorious, we are of the view that exceptional circumstances have been established by the respondent/appellants/applicants to warrant a grant of a stay of proceedings in this matter. Accordingly the application is granted.”

The issue of who qualifies to be Ga Mantse has been thorny ever since the demise of Nii Amugi, with several people laying claim to the stool. However, according to Ga State Tradition, the kingship rotates among four royal houses, namely, Teiko Tsuru We, Amugi We, Abola Piam We and Tackie Kommey We.

Indeed, few days into the installation of  Dr Joe Blankson  as the Ga Mantse, Nii Adama Latse II was also installed after which he consolidate his position when he and his supporters took over the Ga Mantse Palace at Kaneshie previously occupied by his rival, King Tackie Tawiah 111.

His installation was greeted with Nii Amarkai 11 and some other chiefs including Asere Dzasetse, Principal Kingmaker who called on people he described as “pretenders” laying claim to the Ga Stool to desist from further provocations that violated the decency of all Gas.

In an interaction with Nii Amarkai, he explained the processes that went into installing a Ga Mantse, saying that the Ga Paramount Stool had remained vacant since the death of Nii Amugi, and that succession to the stool was patrilineal, with candidates chosen from one of the four houses.

The succeeding house, he said, presents to the Dzase a candidate or candidates from among its members. After the initial nomination by the succeeding ruling house, the Abola, Gbese and Asere stools participate and collaborate in the installation, enstoolment and outdooring of the new King.

However, many people this paper catches up with to comment on the recent court declaration on the case, they seemed to be confident that the long standing chieftaincy dispute that has engulfed the Ga dynasty would be over.


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