Technology is becoming a new face of day to day life. We start our day with the bell of alarm clock and then perform our routine work with the technological instruments like toaster, mixer, juicer, washing machine, mobile phones, computers, printers etc.So technology has created place for itself in every field of life.

Today world has become more technical and to secure these technology new methods has been invented by scientist. VPN router is a worldwide example of booming technological era. This is a very famous techniques used by various large scale and small scale companies, employers to protect their confidential data while using world wide web. The router creates a tunneling under the virtual network and this makes it more secure. The data become secure by this while transporting through internet and it also makes it invisible to other on the internet.

List of functions performed by router given below:

? It is a virtual network system which makes your internet access easy to remote computers with a label of security. The VPN router plays an important function in this kind of virtual private dial-up network.

? Router is connected to VPN by this every device (like Netflix, play station, computer and other set of boxes) which is connected to computer is connected to your network.

? This is a very efficient and good source of connecting multiple computers and even devices are connected to VPN network.

? This system provides you the facility to just setup router on the main computer and all secondary networks are easily routed automatically by it so you don?t need to take tension and configure each device separately.

This router is needed especially in devices which are without inbuilt VPN system.

? This router provides outstanding service to your network and you can easily access your business from anywhere.

? It?s easy to install and its cost of maintenance is also manageable.

There are different type routes present in the market with different range and functions. There are so many wireless routes available which minimize the cost of wire and also provide easy installation of routers of scaling in router. These routers come with different scales ranging from router 200 to 5000.

This is a very efficient method to make the access available to the limited employees or the users only. It is made secure by passwords and other methods so is unique in function.

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