“God’s endtime plan of using the laity becomes clearer each day as we witness the failings of the Church”.

Mr George Prah, National President of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI), Ghana, said this at the 29th National General Meeting (NGM) of the fellowship held in Winneba.


He stated that laymen were called to strengthen the church which was the body of Christ, even as imperfect vessels.

The meeting, on the theme “Manifesting His Power: Enforcing Our Mission”, reviewed the activities of the previous year and mapped out strategies to achieve the six-point mission statement of the Fellowship with the clear appreciation that “It is possible” for all members to contribute their quota to enhance God’s work.

The Vision of the Fellowship, which is a vast global movement of laymen and women is for God to bring the last great harvest through the outpouring of His Holy Spirit before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Its Mission is to reach out to men in all nations, preaching about Jesus Christ and helping believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, train and equip them to grow spiritually to fulfil the Great Commission, provide opportunity for Christian fellowship and to bring greater unity among all people in the body of Christ.
The event was attended by delegates from all the chapters in Ghana and Togo.

Mr Prah stated that the year 2020 marked the last year of the Fellowship’s National Executive Committee in office saying they were not unaware of the enormity of the task before them, and volume of unfinished business to be addressed with dispatch.

“We have an obligation to God to leave our Fellowship more capable of fulfilling the Vision and Mission, and we shall not for one-minute rest on our oars while the job remains undone”.

He said the leadership was encouraged by the eagerness among members to revisit their vision and mission and to work miracles, signs and wonders as Jesus did.

“The year under review was an even more challenging year than the previous, in the personal and business economy of most Ghanaians, following the banking sector clean-up and its attendant credit crunch, which created much anxiety and uncertainty and for the second year running, the growth outrun of the Ghana economy was less spectacular than was anticipated”.

The National President said despite its financial difficulties, it still managed to increase its chapters from 167 to 173 as at the end of December, 2019.

He said the numerical strength of the fellowship stood at 8,036, made up of 5,128 Men and 2,908 Ladies, following the rebasing exercise carried in 2018 to establish the true membership strength of the Fellowship in the country.

“Membership retention remain problematic and also our structures for effective follow-up remain disappointing for the fellowship, whose core passion is the souls of men and we should demonstrate commitment, and effectively deploy the tools and technologies available to win more souls for Christ”, he added.

Dr Mano Garcia, International FGBMFI President in a goodwill message read on his behalf, said the 2020 promised to be a great year for the Fellowship as there were several events and projects in the pipeline to sustain it.

He said, it was time Ghana and Africa built structures for greater unity to confront challenges of the FGBMFI in winning more souls for the kingdom.

“The Lord is awaiting on us to be innovative, plan and break the mood to win more souls for his kingdom”, he noted.


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