A 90 year old, Alhaji Bello and three others were killed at Konkomma. The incident came as a shock to the people of Yeji especially within the Fulani communities.

New PictureThe situation is very worrisome because the people of Konkomma have wage war against the Fulani people, burnt down their houses, killed their animals and took the meat away and killed four herdsmen namely, Abubakari Mohammed, Alhaji Abdu, Umuru Bolgarima, Alhaji Bello Mikolli. Every village belonging to Fulani herdsmen were burnt down and important items taken away.

The problem started from last Saturday when news broke out that some Fulani herdsmen attacked one native and stabbed him with a knife and later died at ST. Mathias Hospital at Yeji. Upon hearings the sad news of Opanin Kojo Gyapana?s death, the youth publicly beat a war gun-gun and instructed them to take up their guns, cutlass and any other weapons that they may have upon the instructions of the Chief.

It was alleged that upon hearing this message, the Konkomma people took their guns and they attacked the Fulani residence.

They first set fire set fire on the decease, Alhaji Bello?s house when he was in the town. Not knowing exactly what was happing, he rushed to the scene only to meet his death. He was shot twice. Again when his son who was following him was also shot dead. Finally, they killed two others during their attack. All their houses were set ablaze. Villages in the traditional area belonging to the herdsmen were burnt down.

Had it not been the quick intervention by the police from Wenchi, Techiman, Atebubu and Kwame Danso, the situation would have been very disturbing. Even sympathizer of the herdsmen and those who have cattle were not left out. Some were beaten for protecting the life of Fulani herdsmen.

Information gathered is that the man went to farm. Upon returning he was attacked by some people and stabbed him in the stomach. He managed to go to a nearby village and told the man that 3 Fulani herdsmen had stabbed him. The man rushed him to Konkomma only to be unconscious but rushed him to the hospital at Yeji ST. Mathias where he later died. Further investigation into the matter indicates that this statement is not known at the district police station but only that the man was stabbed. The police are investigating on the issue and anybody found guilty would be brought to book.

The body of the dead ones are still in the mortuary at ST. Mathias hospital pending investigation.

Meanwhile the deceased have been buried on Tuesday.


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